The Community of Netzarim Again Open To The Public


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According to recently received Third Pillar, the Community of Netzarim is no longer a community closed to the public. Anyone who is in agreement with the beliefs of the Community (the Daily Declarations, 13 Principles, ideals, etc.), the Three Pillars of the Faith, the Catholicos Patriarch (the spiritual leader), and so on, may become a member of the Community after being examined in an interview and through baptism. If you have already been baptised in another community in the Religion of Light, particularly in one of the congregations or communities associated with the Assembly of Jerusalem, you are not required to undergo baptism again.

Those who have been excommunicated from the Community of Netzarim in the past will not be permitted to enter into the Community again except under very special circumstances. Those seeking membership must understand that the process of membership is not automatic. It requires learning our way of life and gradually incorporating Torah observance in your every day life. For some, this can take years.

The official English website of the Religious Community of Orthodox Netzarim is accessible at:

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