Did Paul teach that Messiah was the “end” of the Law?


The following is part of a response to an individual who wrote to me a few days ago. It deals with the question of whether or not Paul taught that Messiah did away with the Law, with its main focus on Romans 10:4.

We consider Rabbeinu Yehoshua (our Rabbi Yeshua) to be the Head of True Torah Observant Judaism. His pristine teaching leads us to a life of happiness in our observance of the Torah of the Creator. Our King-Messiah’s door is open to all people who love him and wish to obey his Commandments. He turns no one away.

We must remember that coming to the Father in heaven (while on earth), we metaphorically arrive at the foot of His mountain and agree to abide by His Torah, by all His Commandments, Statutes and Regulations that He puts forth. This is our covenant – we agree to be obedient to our Father and He provides us with blessings beyond all compare – a Spiritual World in which we abide which sets us apart from the world and its chaotic system.

Coming to Torah we must recall the words of our King-Messiah when he said that his mission was not to destroy or remove the Torah and the Prophets, but to teach them fully. (Carefully read Matthew 5:17-20).

Most Christians and even some Messianics derive the thought that Messiah removed the Torah and that it is a “curse” based upon the writings of the apostle Paul. While the Pauline Epistles do not form the sole basis of doctrine for our Tradition (mainly because these epistles were primarily written with Hellenized Jews in mind who were living among the nations), we can clearly see that Paul did not say the “Law” has come to an end. But some object by quoting a verse in his epistle to the Romans. When we examine the passage in context and with a better understanding of the words he used, we can grasp the true meaning of Paul’s words.

When serious students of God’s Word delve into the original languages of the Scriptures, such as Hebrew and Aramaic, and in Paul’s Greek texts, they can see that Paul never said that Christ is the “end” or “destroyer” of the Law. In fact, if translated properly, Paul said that Messiah is the final word on Torah. He already made this statement quite clear in Romans 3:31 where he said, “Do we then make void the Law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law” or “our faith is established on the law.”

However, with bad translations of the Greek text, some have misinterpreted Paul’s words in Romans 10:4 by using the word “end” in the sense that it is “final”, “no more”, “done away with.” I don’t wish to go into too much detail about the Greek language, but the Greek word that is misinterpreted is “telos.” Paul used this word much in the same way that one would say, “To what END do you wish your children to accomplish in school?” In other words, “To what GOAL do you wish your children …” It would be better and closer to the context of Paul’s words if translators used the English word “goal” in this case. In other words, Paul meant “end goal” or “result.”

Now let’s look at Paul’s words again, with the proper understanding of the context. Romans 10:4 says: “Messiah is the END GOAL of the Torah for righteousness for everyone who believes.” As I said above, the King-Messiah is the Head of Torah – he is the End Goal, the True Teacher whom we wish to emulate in all his ways. He is the perfect example. Rabbeinu Yehoshua the King-Messiah is the Central Aim or Central Purpose.

Torah points us to the Mind of the King-Messiah, and the Mind of Messiah is the Will of our Father in Heaven.

May El-Shaddai Elohim bless you,
Saul ben Michael Katz

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