The Orthodox Netzarim were the original Torah followers of Rabbi Yehoshua of the first century C.E. This is fully documented by Rabbi Harvey Falk and others. The Religious Community of Orthodox Netzarim is a religious association of men and women, old and young, united in their commitment to Torah study. We are not associated with modern day Christianity, “Messianic” or any new age or new religious groups or cults.

We are dedicated to living a Torah observant lifestyle in a modern day setting, without compromising God-given truths of the Scriptures, as taught by the historical teachers of the Torah including Rabbi Yehoshua and those whom he appointed.


The Community considers the original Holy Writings (The Tanakh), in Hebrew and Aramaic, to be sufficient for a proper understanding of HaShem’s (God’s) purposes for Israel and the world.


The Community believes that Rabbi Yehoshua appointed Ya’aqub ha’Tzaddik as the head of the original assembly of Netzarim. In modern times, the Orthodox Netzarim try to follow this same pattern where applicable in a modern day setting. We have a Teacher of Righteousness, hakham, rabbis and scribes for various responsibilities in teaching among fellow Netzarim. The halakhic decisions for the Community are governed by an assembly of elders. Our legal text for customs and traditions is referred to as Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Netzari (Netivot Olam) – A Guide Book Covering the Practices and Traditions According to the Heritage of the Orthodox Netzarim.

The current leadership of The Community is listed on this page.


The Community does not involve itself in missionary work among Gentiles except in encouraging them to adhere to the Seven Noahide Laws. It is not our purpose (nor is it the purpose of this website) to convert Torah observant Jews to our religious community. If you are Jewish we encourage you to remain faithful to the Torah that was given to Moses.

The Community considers new members as “gerim” (converts) who must undergo a gradual process of Torah learning before becoming full members. We are very serious about Torah learning, thus it usually takes between two to ten years depending on the individual, before one can actually become a “member” of the Community.

Our Community does not actively seek out individuals to be potential members, thus you will not find a page on our site concerning how to “join” the Community, although we will send additional information after several requests for those who might be interested. If you are not already serious about observing (keeping) the Torah (the Law) of Moses, or are not serious about making changes in your life to make sure you are obedient to the God of Israel by following His Commandments, please do not make an inquiry.

Our work is funded by members who make voluntary gifts in accordance with the mandates within the Torah and does not solicit financial contributions from non-members.


The Religious Community of Orthodox Netzarim is a non-selective Torah observant community which believes in the Oneness of God (Deut. 6:4), in His Torah given to us through Moses, and in a future Redeemer. We adhere to the “Thirteen Principles of Faith” outlined by Maimonides. Click here to read the 13 Principles.

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