Our faith and traditions are deeply rooted in the Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures, known as the Peshitta. We are fully committed to the observance of the Aurayta (Law/Torah), which includes dietary regulations, marriage laws, various Holy Day observances, the seventh-day Sabbath, and so on.

For Holy Qurbana, we use the Divine Liturgy of St. James the Righteous. The most basic of communion services is provided in the Didache along with some additional prayers. The latter is used on occasions when a brief Qurbana service is necessary, or when visiting with the sick, and any time a full liturgical service would not be appropriate.

For most English speaking congregations, families and individuals, we prefer an adapted text of the so called Jordanville Prayer Book, with the exception of the liturgical texts and prayers of Chrysostom. In addition to the Jordanville Prayer Book, the Syrian Anglicans utilize the 1928 edition of the Book of Common Prayer.

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